THE RIGHT WORD makes all the difference between a dull and an engaging text.

Now that English has become the international lingua franca, it’s important that your English text be clear, correct, properly written and free of Dutchisms. When the language is forceful and felicitous, the ideas you’re trying to convey will be more quickly grasped. Whatever your text — an exhibition, an academic work, a work of fiction, a business report, a speech to be delivered — finding the right English word or phrase makes for a more engaged reader or listener. Poorly chosen words can sabotage any work.

FOREST-FLIER EDITORIAL SERVICES offers both translation from Dutch to English and editorial advice.

Anything from a one-page report to a book-length work of research or fiction will receive painstaking care, with close attention to spelling and grammar (British or American usage), effective word choice, consistent style, and logical progression of ideas.